Notes from the Cooks' Garden - 6/29/16 by Amye Foelsch

Hi Everyone,

The garden is bursting! I came out this morning to find our squash plants had not only filled the bed, but were creeping into the path and snaking their way through the fence. I gently moved them back into their assigned space, and Jean, Janet and I erected a playpen of sorts to help encourage these fellows to stay in their space. We will see if they behave!

There were some great finds today too! First, the bean seeds that Ellen planted on Thursday, which have been replanted 3 times, are showing signs of germination. We harvested a beautiful and good size head of broccoli and among all those squash vines we found two dark green and glossy zucchini! Harriet’s onions look like they are ready to take the blue ribbon at the county fair! Her sunflower seeds have germinated and it also looks like the original plantings are recovering from being topped off by the deer.

We did say farewell to our cauliflower plants and cut back all the fronds of the asparagus. The harlequin bugs and the asparagus larvae were just having too big of a party.

Jean and I will not be able to make next Tuesday’s workday. Pam & Charlene, will you be able to come out? Our biggest concern is to make sure everything gets a good soak and playing bug detective is always a good thing. Please let us know if you are available.

As always, great team work! Our garden would not be bursting if it were not for all the helping hands.

Take care,


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