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Native plants:

Native Plants for Northern Virginia An informative primer showcasing the many beautiful plants that are native to Northern Virginia. Guide has been tailored to provide plant choices that are attractive and relatively easy to maintain.

Native Plants for Wildlife Habitat and Conservation LandscapingA comprehensive listing of plants native to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Plants growth characteristics and conditions, habitat, and regions are provided with an emphasis on benefits to wildlife.

Beneficial insects:

Creating a Wild Backyard - Beneficial Bugs Beneficial insects in our region, the advantage of that insect, and how to attract them. Less aggressive methods for the treatment of harmful insects are given to aid in the preservation of our beneficial friends.

Beneficial Insects – Nature’s Pest Control -Some of our common beneficial insects and how to identify them.

Beneficial Insects -Images and short tutorials on the common beneficial insects found in our Virginia habitat.

Companion planting:

Healthy Garden Workshop Series/Maximizing your Harvest – Companion Planting -Some common companions that you can plant to increase your vegetable yield and deter pests.

Benefits of Companion Planting in Gardening - A short tutorial on why companion planting would benefit you and what to plant.

Companion Planting & Botanical Pesticides: Concepts & Resources-

A comprehensive tutorial on the benefits of companion planting, what to plant, where to plant, and traditional companion plants. Need to download the free PDF from the site.


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