Prince William has a core group of trained Master Gardeners in the Audubon at Home program who have certified over 100 homes. Homeowners inquire about this program  through personal referrals.  To make more land in Prince William County wildlife friendly, start to certify your property today..  If you are you ready to make your backyard or community space more environmentally friendly give us a call at 703-792-7747 or email master_gardener@pwcgov.org

    Audubon at Home stresses:

Conservation and protection of water - e.g. by using rain barrels

Removal of invasive plants

Replacement of non-native plants with native species

Reduction or elimination of commercial fertilizers and pesticides

Greater preservation of public and private natural areas

The ASNV Audubon at Home initiative is helping people bring nature back to the homes and communities here in northern Virginia. 


Link to Native Plants for Wildlife

Link to NOVA Plant Natives


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