Master Gardener School/Community Garden Grants

In late winter MGPW may announce the award of one or more School/Community Garden Grants from our Association which are used to build pollinator or other educational gardens to teach and excite school children on the wonders of science of nature.

The winners will, among other considerations, be required to offer matching funds and designate a leader to represent and assist with decisions for the school/organization during construction and subsequent maintenance of the garden.

MGPW will offer the winner, in addition to grant funds, technical expertise to include a mentor to assist the school/organization in developing and maintaining the garden for long-term success of the program.

Any nonprofit school or nonprofit organization in the Prince Willian County area is encouraged to apply for a grant. Applicants must be affiliated with a 501(C)3 organization or an IRS recognized “political subdivision” (held by most public-school systems) so the funds can be considered tax-exempt by both MGPW and the applicant. The amount of the grant funds to be awarded will be listed in the MGPW Annual Budget.

MGPW School / Community Garden Grants further our tax-exempt purposes of education and charity by helping to fulfil the MGPW vision “to develop a culture of environmental stewardship within the Prince William area through education, outreach and volunteering.”

Grants are funded entirely from income from fundraisers and donations.

For more information on our Master Gardener School / Community Grant program please contact the help desk at 703-792-7747 or email at