Master Gardener Volunteer Training Class Scholarships

Each fall VCE conducts an annual Training Class which is an educational requirement for membership in MGPW and a requirement to precede an internship the following spring. It consists normally of 2-3 sessions per week for approximately 12 weeks. The education covers topics such as the environment, botany and horticultural techniques.  Classes are selected from the state Master Gardener Volunteer curriculum and range from classroom lectures to seminars to hands on in the field instruction among other teaching approaches.

MGPW may offer scholarships to assist volunteers who have a financial need with a portion of the Training Class registration fees.

Any citizen from the Prince William County area who submits an application for the annual VCE Training Class, participates in an interview, demonstrates financial need and is otherwise qualified to attend the training is eligible to be considered for a scholarship.

Scholarship selection is also used to assist MGPW to move toward minority / diversity membership status that parallels demographics of our geographic area. The amount of the scholarship funds to be awarded will be listed in the MGPW Annual Budget.

This MGPW Scholarship furthers our tax-exempt purposes of education and charity by providing needed financial assistance toward attendance at this unique opportunity for horticultural education.
Scholarships are funded entirely from income from fundraisers and donations.

More information on this Master Gardener Volunteer Training Class Scholarship opportunity may be obtained by contacting the MGPW help desk at 703-792-7747 or email at